Merissa Hylton is a London-based multidisciplinary artist, curator and educator.

She studied at London Guildhall University before embarking on a career in architecture, interiors and textile design. Her goal and passion has always been to share her art with the world, so in 2014 she left the corporate design industry to focus on art as a full-time pursuit.


Merissa's work sets out to explore, interrogate and dissect the many aspects of her own existence, including her own  ancestry, emotions, mental health, self acceptance, identity and healing.  She works in a variety of different medium, employing the principle that the spirit, energy and inspiration of the piece dictates the materials used and the processes followed.


Merissa is a strong advocate of art as a form of creative therapy and strongly believes that engaging in art - whether in a creative capacity or a voyeuristic role - has a beneficial effect on mental health and personal wellbeing.

Photo credit: Ekaterina Garbauske


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