I am a mixed media artist and sculptor from Reading, Berkshire and the founder of Black British Visual Artists. I worked as a bespoke textile & interior designer deciding to leave the corporate design world to return to my first love - art. 


I studied art and design at London Guildhall University  and it has always been my goal and my passion to share my art with the world.  My work is inspired by many things; ancestry, emotions, mental health, self acceptance and healing.  I love to create artwork that speaks to people on a personal level - each piece has its own journey and story.  I believe that every piece I create will resonate with someone, somewhere.


I am a strong advocate of art as a form of creative therapy and I strongly believe that engaging in art - whether in a creative capacity or a voyeuristic role - has a beneficial effect on our mental health and personal wellbeing.

Photo credit: Desiree Greenish Photography