Is this all your own work?


Yes!  All images, paintings and illustrations on my website have been created and produced by me.



How can I purchase an original painting?


Paintings that are due to be, or are currently being exhibited, are not for sale during that period, however it may be possible to reserve the artwork with a secured deposit.  For large pieces that are for sale, please contact me to purchase.



Are your paintings available as prints?


Currently no, but a selection of them will be available as either paper or canvas prints very soon.



I don't have Paypal - how can I make a purchase?


You don't need a Paypal account to make a purchase, Paypal accepts and processes most card payments securely.  If using Paypal, please ensure that your address is correct, as items will only be delivered to the registered address.



Why do my print colours look different on paper?


Printed items and items on screen look slightly different due to the printing process.  Screen images are viewed in RGB format, whereas printed images are printed in CMYK format.  Every effort is made to make the colours as true as seen, however there may

be slight differences due to different computer screens.



Do you do commissions?


Yes, occasionally, but currently I am not taking any commissions.





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